Joseph Alfano, 45, of Holden, runs through a flooded course of         the Cape Cod Marathon. Said Alfano: “ The Cape Cod Marathon is a         hard race. It’s got a lot of hills. It was a windy day right         after the big storm but also very beautiful. When I saw the         flooded road, it was not a big deal. You’re about 3 miles out. I         thought, ‘Come on, you’ve made it this far, you’ve got to keep         running. You can’t go around it, you’ve got to get your feet         wet.’ You’ve got to go a little crazy if you run a marathon. I’d         rather go straight for the finish line and not waste two steps         than stay dry. I’ve run this course seven times and its usually         beat me. But this is the one time I’ve run strong. I needed to         run it in 3:25 to qualify for Boston, and I ran it under 3:20.         It worked out. Post race I’m sore but it’s a happy sore. Then         when I got home I didn’t have a snow blower. All of Monday, I         shoveled for the entire day. I guess I like being sore.”