The Motley Rowing Club, competing in the senior master eights         at the Head of the Charles, Oct. 22, 2011. Left to right: Jim         Moroney, 58: ‘’Feeling bad. So why have I continued to do this         for 39 years? I guess because it makes everything else in life         so easy.’’ Dick Dreissigacker, 64: ‘’This will only last a         finite amount of time. How many strokes to the finish?’’ Peter         Dreissigacker, 60: ‘’Why am I still doing this? Gotta use it or         loose it.’’ Casey Baker, 61: ‘’If I keep grimacing like this, my         dentures will fall out.’’ Rob Buchanan, 53: ‘’500 meters to go?         You better be serious.’ Mike Verlin, 60: ‘’I’m thinking ...         Rob’s shirt is coming out. Should I tuck it back in?’’