Red Sox outfielder Darnell McDonald, leaping in vain for a         double by Baltimore's Matt Angle that knocked in two runs in the         third inning of a 6-5 loss on Sept. 19, 2011: “I was just trying         to catch the ball, man, and make the play and help my pitcher         out. I thought I was going to catch it, actually. I just needed         a couple inches more. It’s a layup when I needed a dunk. It’s         hard to play the Wall. Look at all those things out there. The         Monster is not very friendly. It doesn’t give. There’s no pad on         that. It’s like going across the middle against the Ravens. I’m         a little sore today. The sun was the worst I’ve ever seen out         there. Sunglasses didn’t help. Try going out there with         sunglasses someday and stare at the sun for 15 seconds. You         can’t see a thing.’’