Red Sox shortstop Marco Scutaro, tossing the ball to second         baseman Dustin Pedroia after a diving grab on a grounder by         Toronto’s J.P. Arencibia (the runner was safe), at Fenway Park,         Sept. 13, 2011 — ‘‘First of all, I didn’t know if I could get to         the ball. It was on the other side of second. Dustin [Pedroia]         was covering. We kind of communicate where we are playing and         try to figure out who is going to cover the bag. We’ve been         playing long enough together to know each other. When the ball         was hit, I thought, ‘Just go get it.’ I dove. After I got it, my         reaction was just try to flip it with my glove. There was no time         to get it out of my glove. I was thinking hopefully to make a         good throw. There was a lot of dirt. Unfortunately I didn’t get         a good flip to him but hopefully next time I will.