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    Dinner With Cupid

    Dinner With Cupid: Blind date between hopeless romantics

    They’re both sensitive, loving, and sweet--but will it be too much of a good thing?


    Car salesman

    HE’S HAPPIEST When I’m with my niece


    WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH I’m sensitive, affectionate, romantic, chivalrous.

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    LIZ KING > 25

    Food service worker, aspiring preschool teacher

    SHE’S HAPPIEST When I’m with my family and friends

    WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH I love romance and sweet stuff.

    7:30 P.M. BISTRO 5, MEDFORD



    ATAAN I left work and ran a couple of errands, quickly went home and changed, and then headed to the restaurant.

    LIZ I relaxed my nerves at a nail salon.

    ATAAN I was a little nervous, this being the first time I’ve ever gone on a completely blind date.


    ATAAN I walked in and sat down. Liz [arrived] shortly after that. She was very pretty and also looked very nervous.

    LIZ I thought he looked like a nice guy. He stood up and shook my hand and introduced himself. I ordered grilled chicken with radicchio. It was tasty.


    ATAAN I had iced tea and scallops. We were both amused by the fact that they rushed us through dinner but kept refilling our water glasses. So one person was trying to rush us out, and one person was trying to keep us there.

    LIZ He likes to joke and has a very sweet disposition.

    ATAAN We talked about our families, politics, movies, high school experiences. Liz wants to be a teacher. I thought that was very cool. As she opened up and talked, it seemed we had a lot in common. We talked about our mutual hatred for Mitt Romney.


    LIZ I was able to open up more as the date [went] on. I’m a very shy person, but he was very easygoing, and it didn’t take long to get used to him.

    ATAAN I was nervous at first, but as we talked, Liz was open and warm and I got a lot more relaxed.

    LIZ He was good-looking [from the] start, but his personality made him more attractive as the night went on.

    ATAAN I definitely felt a connection.

    LIZ I figured, well, if he doesn’t like me as anything more, maybe we can be great friends. But he seemed to be having a wonderful time, so maybe it’s going to work out.

    > AND THEY LIVED  . . . 

    LIZ We stayed in the restaurant until closing. It went by so fast it felt like only an hour, but it turned into almost four hours.

    ATAAN [When] we walked outside, I asked if I could give her a good-night hug, and she said yes.

    LIZ He asked to see me again. It seemed like a good way to end the night.



    LIZ A


    ATAAN Yes, I hope so.

    LIZ I think so. I would like to get to know him more.  

    — Compiled by Marian DaniellsGO ON A BLIND DATE. WE’LL PICK UP THE TAB. Fill out an application at