Teachers union vows to fight imposed evaluation system

The Boston School Department and the Boston Teachers Union have reached a tentative contract agreement after more than two years of contentious negotiations. Here is a timeline with key events in the negotiations.

Aug. 31
Teachers contract expires

A coalition of students, parents, and advocates rallied on the steps of Boston School Department headquarters, calling for extended school days, more rigorous teacher evaluations, and a stronger voice for students and parents in school decisions as the city negotiates a new contract with teachers.


Sept. 28
Greater flexibility in teachers’ contract urged

Dozens of students, business leaders, and parents turn out for a City Council hearing to demand a contract that focuses more on improving instruction for students rather than on protecting the workplace conditions of teachers.

Oct. 13
Union says superintendent bashed teachers

The Boston Teachers Union accuses Superintendent Carol R. Johnson of bashing teachers after she joined other superintendents nationwide in signing an opinion piece in the Washington Post that railed against unions for protecting ineffective teachers.

Dec. 14
Menino backs superintendent, urges broad overhauls

In a speech, Mayor Thomas M. Menino injects himself into contract negotiations. He calls for increased flexibility for principals and headmasters; demanded that teachers' pay be linked to student performance; advocated for a longer school day; and pushed to revamp the system used to evaluate teachers.


Oct. 23
Schools contract talks hit snag

The union and Boston public schools find negotiations stalled over whether teachers should be compensated for working a longer day and rewarded based on their performance, rather than seniority.

Jan. 3
City, teachers far apart on pay-raise issue

The union requests $83.5 million more than the city is offering for salaries, a hefty financial divide that is slowing contract negotiations, according to a report by the Boston Municipal Research Bureau, a fiscal watchdog funded by businesses and nonprofits.

Jan. 18
Boston teachers rally to speed up new contract deal

Hundreds of teachers blow horns, ring bells, and chant "Talk to Teachers" at a rally at Boston School Department headquarters, in hopes of speeding up protracted negotiations over a new contract.

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Feb. 20
Boston school superintendent blasts teachers union

Johnson accuses the union of using the possible loss of $9 million in federal grant money to force the district to agree to a new teacher contract it cannot afford.


March 15
Teachers go public in bid for pay raise

The union launches a public relations blitz in hopes of swaying residents to its side as tense contract negotiations over pay continue.

The outreach began in the morning with advertisements in more than a dozen newspapers, urging readers to "Tell the Boston Public Schools to Stop the War on Teachers!" Then union organizers handed out fliers to passersby at City Hall Plaza at lunchtime.


March 27
Teacher contract talks with city at impasse

After 21 months of negotiations over a new contract, the BTU and the School Department declare they have reached an impasse and ask the state to appoint a mediator in hopes of resolving a stalemate over pay and other issues.


April 2
Contract impasse costs Boston teachers $9.4m bonus grant

Boston loses out on a $9.4 million federal grant for teacher bonuses because of the failure of the union and School Department to reach an agreement on the issue in time.

April 3
Teacher contract talks between Boston, union collapse after 16 hour negotiating session

A last-ditch attempt by Boston school and union leaders to reach agreement on a new contract fails after a nearly 16-hour negotiating session, sending the dispute to a state mediator.

June 8
Parents, students express frustration over contract impasse

Parents and students ­expressed frustration at a City Council hearing on the impasse in contract negotiations between the Boston public schools and the Boston Teachers Union, saying the deadlock is affecting the quality of education.

Aug. 16
Menino accuses teachers union of delay tactics

Menino asks state labor officials to investigate contract stalemate and to recommend a resolution, as he accuses union officials of unleashing new delay tactics that could thwart any possibility of wrapping up the talks soon.

Aug. 27
Teachers Union accuses city of unfair labor practices

The union accuses the School Department has attempted to thwart mediation by refusing to meet face to face, by providing the mediator with false information, and by ignoring tentative agreements.

Aug. 30
Teachers union offers major concessions toward contract deal

The proposal includes major concessions on wages and on creating a new teacher evaluation system that would speed up the dismissal of ineffective teachers.

Sept. 4
Boston School Department offers counterproposal

The Boston School Department announced it has accepted several union proposals -- including a possible compromise on a new teacher-evaluation system -- but rejected other union measures.

Sept. 12
Teachers union, School Dept. reach tentative deal

The tentative agreement -- should it be approved by the union’s membership and the School Committee -- would end the need for the state Department of Labor Relations to formulate a resolution to break what had been a tense and bitter stalemate between the union and the School Department.

Globe Staff