Dorchester man charged with assault Boston police officers

A Dorchester man who had recently finished serving a prison sentence for assaulting a Boston police officer allegedly tried to grab an officer’s handgun during a fierce fight early Friday morning that left the ­officer with serious injuries, includ­ing a torn ear.

“My concern is that this man who has been recently released from state prison and has given no respite, he has hit the ground running with criminal activity,” said Dorchester District Court Judge Franco ­Gobourne, as he considered argu­ments Friday for Calvin Horne’s bail, at his arraignment.

Horne, 26 — who has a six-page criminal history of drug, assault, and firearms charges — was pulled over for speeding at 1:37 a.m. near the intersection of Colonial Avenue and Millet Street in Dorchester, according to police.


Officers were monitoring the area due to a recent dramatic increase in firearm-related ­violence.

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According to a police report, Horne recognized the officer from an incident when he was arrested in 2008 for carrying a loaded firearm and more than 50 rocks of crack cocaine. During that incident, Horne ­attempted to flee, and a round discharged from a gun he was holding.

When Horne was stopped Friday morning, he immediately became nervous, according to the report, and that intensified when the officer walked ­toward the trunk of the green 2000 Acura Horne was driving.

“I just got out three weeks ago. . . . I was locked up for years behind that. . . . I just want to get back to my girl,” Horne allegedly told the officer.

When the officer went to open the trunk, Horne grew ­agitated. The officer left the car and walked Horne across the street, where he signaled to his partner to handcuff Horne, the report said.


That was when Horne started throwing punches, hitting the two officers repeatedly in the face and body, according to the report, and slamming them against parked cars and to the ground.

Horne pulled on the ear of the officer he had recognized, tearing the lobe partially off and ripping a portion of the ear canal, according to the report. He tried to bite the officer, the report said, leaving a bite mark on the officer’s arm that did not break skin. That officer also sustained a cut to his head from being slammed to the curb.

Horne, who has a muscular build at 6 feet 1 inch tall and 220 pounds, according to the report, broke away several times and tried to return to the Acura.

The officers, thinking Horne had a firearm in the trunk, chased and tackled him, eventually pepper-spraying him. He allegedly tried to grab the gun of the officer he had recognized, but the officer managed to stop him before he could get it out of the holster, the report said.

Horne fought so fiercely that the officers could not handcuff him or call for backup, according to the report.


After 10 minutes, other officers in the area drove by and saw the commotion, and Horne was subdued and arrested, accord­ing to the report.

In the scuffle, Horne’s hat, shoes and shirt came off. A bag containing 26 individually wrapped chunks of cocaine was found nearby, the report said, and in the trunk, police found a 9mm handgun, loaded with 9 bullets, one in the chamber.

John Hightower, Horne’s attor­ney, pleaded not guilty on his client’s behalf and said that the pepper-spray impaired the vision of everyone involved, to the point that the officers probably could not see who they were fighting.

Assistant Suffolk prosecutor Mike DiStefano said Horne would be prosecuted as a career criminal, which carries a 15-year mandatory minimum sentence.

Horne was sentenced in 2009 to serve three to four years in prison for possession of firearms and possession with intent to distribute a Class B substance. He was also convicted of assault and battery on a police officer, which drew a two-year sentence that ran concurrently.

Horne was charged last month in Boston Municipal Court with various drug offenses and was free on bail when he was arrested Friday. His bail on the drug charges was revoked, and he was held without bail.

Horne was charged Friday with assault and battery on a police officer, aggravated ­assault and battery, and firearms, drug, and motor vehicle offenses. His bail was set at $70,000, and he was scheduled to return to court Oct. 5 for a probable cause hearing.

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