Life AliveThey are known for their comforting warm meals which take whole grains (brown rice or quinoa) added with a colorful tumble of freshly steamed vegetables and legumes on top and topped with raw, flavor-filled sauces to make them exciting, nourishing and easily digestable. Whether in a bowl or a whole wheat tortilla, their best offerings include, The Adventurer with a Sesame Ginger Nama Sauce, The Swami with a Sweet Curry Miso Sauce, and The Green Goddess with their famous Ginger Nama Shoyu Sauce. The nutritionist owners goal is to awaken people to the pleasure awaiting them in organic, sustainable, agriculture.Signature Dish: The Green Goddess281 Essex St., Salem, (978) 594-4644, and other locations, lifealive.comHeidiinfo@lifealive.com617-308-8235