Friendly ToastThanks to a vegetarian owner, every item on the menu has been constructed with vegetarians in mind. 90% of the menu can have the meat substituted for a TVP or vegetable. Half the menu is vegetarian to begin with, because they believe that centering a meal around meat limits possibilities for interesting, strong flavors. Comfort foods, which describes just about everything on their menu would be ideal for winter. Top picks would be Eggs Benedict with vegetables and a freshly made hollandaise, and a Mister Haegar sandwich, a decadent grilled cheese with pickles, horseradish mayonnaise, cheddar, dijon, and plum tomatoes. Signature Dish: Eggs Benedict1 Hampshire St. Cambridge, (617) 621-1200, and other locations, thefriendlytoast.netMelissa JasperOwner603 343