Red Lentil Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant‪If there is any place one should eat a samosa, outside of India, it would be here. The crisp flaky crust, which is fresh and not at all greasy, balanced with a salty, tangy filling of peas and potatoes is a perfect combination with the green coriander chutney and a sweet and tart chutney. This all-vegetarian restaurant with an already fabulous menu will feature a Moroccan Tangine this winter, a dish that was a popular special the last few winter months. A pumpkin bisque and a beluga lentil and Patty-Pan squash stew will also be featured during the cold season.Signature Dish: Roasted Beet And Walnut Arugula Salad600 Mount Auburn Street‬, Watertown,‬ (617) 972-9189,‬ Owner - Pankaj Pradhan - Info@theredlentilcom617-972-9188