Ole Mexican GrillBesides their Chilli Rellenos and Mexican Lasagna, the Oaxaca’s vegetable stew simmered in pumpkin seed sauce has always been a winter favorite. Chef Erwin Ramos, once a vegetarian himself, recently returned from a trip to Baja California, Mexico inspired by new ideas for vegetarian/vegan dishes. On the list for the winter are Vegetarian Panuchos, a typical Yucatan dish with a puffy tortilla stuffed with Peruvian white bean spread topped with nopales (cactus); Nopales with Caramelized Onion, Guajillo Chile Sauce and Queso Fresco; and thick bean soup topped with cheese, crema fresca and tortilla strips. Their handmade corn tortillas are a favorite.Signature Dish: Legumbres En Pipian Oaxaqueno (Oaxaca’s Vegetable Stew)11 Springfield Street,
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