Clover Food Lab When they created their first food truck, they knew they wanted a non-meat menu, food that people would love and tell their friends about — low carbon footprint, locally sourced, mostly organic. And though limited in option, that is what this menu reflects. The fragrant rosemary fries and the earthy falafel like chickpea fritters are local favorites and with a faithful following they are great picks for the winter. The warm popovers and hot apple cider could not be a better choice when it is cold out. Hot Teas and Soup specials from Clover are warm accompaniments for cold wintry days. Signature Dish: Rosemary Fries and Chickpea Fritters7 Holyoke St, Cambridge, and other locations, cloverfoodlab.comLucia Jazayeri, 512-296-6054, LUCIA@CLOVERFASTFOOD.COM