Cody Ross and Red Sox could never agree on terms

Cody Ross signed a three-year, $26 million deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks in a deal that came together Tuesday when the D-Backs brass got together and decided to target the Scottsdale, Az. resident.

Ross said he never got back to the Red Sox or any of them teams interested once the Diamondbacks put together their offer.

On the Red Sox he said, “I don’t know what happened but we could never agree on terms. They thought I’d come back no matter what because they thought I loved playing there. And I did. Who wouldn’t love playing at Fenway Park? I just wanted a fair deal. I told them what I wanted. I wasn’t trying to break the bank. They weren’t willing to do it.”


Major League sources indicate that the Red Sox were trying to re-sign Ross for two years, but Ross was seeking a three-year deal at between $21-$31 million the figures that comparables Josh Willingham and Michael Cuddyer signed with the Twins and Rockies respectively last offseason.

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Ross also said that he probably got along with manager Bobby Valentine better than any other player on the team. He said Valentine texted him to congratulate him on his Diamondbacks deal.

“When Bobby came in his way of doing things was a lot different than what they were used to under Terry Francona and it was a shock to them. They weren’t on board with it. For me, I’d played for four or five managers and for me it was ‘OK, this is the way he does things.’ We never butted heads. I had a good relationship with Bobby,” Ross said.

The D-Backs came out of the blue. General Manager Kevin Towers said he had a meeting with CEO Ken Kendrick who said he had a name of a free-agent he thought could help and he asked Towers if he also had a name. It turned out they both had Ross on their list.

Towers said his phone “blew up” after the signing with teams wanting to inquire about their outfielders like Justin Upton, Jason Kubel and others now that he has an excess. Towers said he doesn’t necessarily have to deal anyone, but Kubel and Upton are in demand.