Arts Quiz 2012

Just how savvy are you about culture in Boston and beyond? Test your knowledge here.
  • In Boston Ballet’s production of “The Nutcracker”, which of the following is not new?

  • Where in Massachusetts was singer Taylor Swift rumored to have bought a house this summer?

  • Which of the following actors did not appear in the movie “Lincoln”?

  • Who spoke at singer Whitney Houston’s funeral?

  • Which two local schools did pop star PSY attend?

  • Which South Boston location was not mentioned in David Lindsay-Abaire’s play “Good People”?

  • Which judge from “The Voice” had a cameo on the TV series “American Horror Story: Asylum”?

  • Which of the following was not the subject of a Boston-area art museum exhibit this year?

  • A mural by the Brazilian artists Os Gemeos in Dewey Square sparked comments speculating that the figure looked like which of the following?

  • Where in Boston did Aerosmith do a live outdoor performance this year?

  • What was the unofficial catch phrase of the movie“Argo”?

  • Which celebrity wasn’t in town shooting a movie this year?

  • Which actor playing an American on “Homeland” is actually American?

  • Tanglewood celebrated what anniversary this year?

  • Which faded TV star did not appear in a local theatrical production this year?

  • Who or what didn’t turn 50 this year?

  • How many rows of seats are there in each balcony at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s new Calderwood Performance Hall?

  • Who was voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, after dying?

Dan Schultz, Sarah Rodman, Wesley Morris, Matthew Gilbert, Meredith Goldstein, Christopher Muther, Geoff Edgers, Michael Brodeur, Thomasine Berg, Laura Collins-Hughes, Hayley Kaufman and Rebecca Ostriker/Globe Staff