Ivan Vaclavik’s arrests, deportation attempts

Ivan Vaclavik has faced more than 100 criminal charges in Massachusetts, and has fended off several deportation attempts. Here are some of the incidents:


A US immigration judge issues an order to deport Ivan Vaclavik, who came to the US IN 1974 as a tourist from Czechoslovakia and stayed indefinitely after his visa expired. But Vaclavik never left and later admitted he stayed in the United States illegally.


Sept. 20 Vaclavik allegedly commits various crimes at a Days Inn motel in Danvers: assault and battery with motor vehicle, breaking and entering at night, defrauding an innkeeper, and possession of burglary tools. He admits to sufficient facts later in 1996 and is sentenced to nine months in jail.


Spring Immigration officials detain Vaclavik and try to deport him to the Czech Republic, one of two countries that replaced communist Czechoslovakia in 1993. But immigration officials release Vaclavik in the fall after he files a federal lawsuit against them saying he should be released because no country would take him back.


June 28 Vaclavik is accused of stealing more than $500 in liquor from M&M Liquors in Malden. Pleads guilty in 2004 to felony larceny and jailed for 30 days.

Sept. 25 Vaclavik files petition to be released from Plymouth County House of Correction where immigration officials again were detaining him for the purpose of deporting him to the Czech Republic. Vaclavik again argues he can't be deported because his native country, Czechosolovakia, no longer exists. "No country recognizes me as a citizen," he wrote. Federal officials again release him.


Dec. 28 Vaclavik allegedly assaults a man at a cafe at Beacon and Charles streets in Boston. Pleads guilty to assault and battery and disorderly conduct in 2006, sentenced to three months in jail.


Sept. 3 Vaclavik is accused of trying to break into the Mount Auburn athletic club. He is convicted later in 2006 of felony possession of burglary tools and misdemeanor attempted breaking and entering, but serves no jail time.


May 16 Vaclavik accused of breaking into an unoccupied guest room at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge. In 2008, he pleads guilty to felony possession of burglary tools and misdemeanor breaking and entering, but serves no jail time.


May 27 Vaclavik renews his complaint that he cannot be imprisoned and deported after immigration officials again detain him with plans to send him to the Czech Republic. Two months later, immigration officials again release Vaclavik and the judge closes the case.


Jan. 24 Vaclavik allegedly accosts a girl at a hotel pool in Waltham. He is convicted in 2009 of accosting a person of the opposite sex and sentenced to four months in jail, with two additional months suspended.


Dec. 3 Vaclavik accused of stealing two bottles of champagne from Charles Street Liquors in Boston. He pleads guilty to shoplifting in 2012, but serves no jail time.

SOURCES: Court records


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