How well do you know Massachusetts?

Massachusetts may soon have an official rock song, but what about the state's other emblems and symbols? Test your knowledge with this quiz.
  • What is the official state beverage or emblem?

  • Who is the official folk hero of Massachusetts? Hint: He was born in Leominster.

  • What sport was invented in Springfield, and is now the official state sport?

  • What is the state bird? Hint: It is one of the most familiar North American birds.

  • How many presidents were born in Massachusetts?

  • What is the state insect, Adalia bipunctata, commonly known as?

  • What is the official state rock or rock emblem?

  • Who is the songwriter of the official state folk song "Massachusetts"?

  • What town is the geographic center of the state?

  • The school children of Massachusetts petitioned to have what type of muffin be the official state muffin?

  • True or False: Square dancing is the official folk dance of the Commonwealth.

Source: The state of Massachusetts; Credit: Dan Schultz, Jesse Nunes, Alexa McMahon/Globe Staff