A can that works more like a glass

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The can
Samuel Adams is pursuing a more comfortable experience and a better taste for canned beer with a new design.
A wider, curved lid
Increases mouth opening to allow more airflow to nasal passages. More access to aromas improves taste experience. The opening is slightly farther away from the edge of the lid, placing it closer to the drinker's nose.
Extended lip
Places beer at the front of the palate to maximize malt sweetness. The diameter is 0.275 inches wider than standard cans.
More comfortable experience
The curved, wide lid lets people pour the beer into their mouth, rather than suck it out of the can. It makes the experience closer to drinking from a bottle or a glass.

Color blue dominates the illustration covering the can with golden and red details and a silver top.

Chiqui Esteban, Javier Zarracina, Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff