The meaning of the papal regalia

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The ring Pope Francis was wearing is not the Fisherman's ring that will be given to him during the inauguration ceremony. The Catholic hierarchy uses an episcopal ring, and it is returned to the Church upon their retirement or death.
A very simple cross on the chest was the only ornament worn by Pope Francis. The media covering the Vatican expressed surprise by the simplicity of the new pope's dress.
The white simar is the cassock worn by the pope, with a shoulder cape. The color depends on the title: black for bishops, red for cardinals, white for the pope.
The papal fascia (band) is white and includes the papal coat of arms.
The zucchetto (small gourd) is a skull cap worn by the Catholic hierarchy, but the white color is reserved just for the pope. It is also known as solideo (only God) because the wearer should only remove it before God.
The new pope, Francis, salutes the people standing at St. Peter's square from one balcony of the Basilica. Dressed completely in white and without ornaments, his attire contrasts with the robes worn by Benedict XVI at his introduction.
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Flashback from 2005
The red stole embroidered with gold shows the papal coat of arms: two crossed keys (the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven) and the triregnum, a tiara symbol of the papacy that has not been used by popes since Paul VI.
Minutes after being introduced, Pope Francis started some prayers wearing a red stole.
Flashback from 2005
The mitra is a sort of liturgical hat used by the catholic hierarchy (bishops, cardinals and pope). Mitra means 'becoming bishop' .
The baculus is a pastoral symbol, defining its owner as shepherd of men. Bishops and cardinals use it, but the one used by the pope has a cross at the top.
The shells decorating the pope's robes have a several meanings: baptism, pilgrimage, and Apostle James.
First Mass
Pope Francis attends his first mass with cardinals in the Sistine Chapel.
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Flashback: Benedict XVI attending mass with cardinals
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