Where the blasts occurred

Restaurants in the area
Two explosions near Copley Square rocked the area near the finish line during Monday's Boston Marathon. The powerful blasts in quick succession transformed a scene of athletic celebration into bloody chaos.
Finish line
Medical tent
Runners gained access to Boylston Street, the final steps of the race, through Hereford Street from Commonwealth Avenue. From this corner, they were able to see the finish line and the bleachers.
Both explosions took place just feet away from the finish line, where the bleachers stood, and quite close to the medical tent for runners.
Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center One of the main convention centers of the city, just beside the Prudential Center, the second tallest skyscraper in Boston.
Copley Square A meeting point in Boston and star of Marathon day, with a T station and many amenities.

Boston Police, Boston redevelopment Authority

Chiqui Esteban, Javier Zarracina/Globe Staff