Life beyond cancer conference

The Friends of Mel Foundation will host its third annual “Art of Living – Life Beyond Cancer” Conference at the Quincy Marriott Hotel on Nov. 2, with expectations for a larger crowd than ever. “Each year we’ve had more and more registrants,” said Pauline Aligieri, the executive director of Friends of Mel, which honors cancer victim Mel Simmons. “Last year we had 200, and we’re expecting more than that this year.” While the conference will feature some of the same discussions as years past — including exercise, nutrition, finding meaning after cancer, and managing your mind and body — there will also be programs focused on addressing memory loss from chemotherapy, how to get back into the job market after cancer, and how to get back into dating following diagnosis. The theme of the conference is “distress screening,” she said, adding, “You go to the fabulous hospitals we have in the city, they address the medical piece, but not the emotional psychosomatic piece that is part of the experience.” Registration is $25. For more information, visit