Documents: Jared Remy’s history of alleged threats, violence

Jared Remy faces murder charges in the 2013 killing of his girlfriend Jennifer Martel. Remy has a history of alleged violence against past girlfriends and other people. Review a selection of statements and police reports involving Remy's alleged violent past:

March 25, 2000

Arrested on hypodermic needle possession charges

Police found needles in Jared Remy's room after Jared's former roommate, Andrew Ufland, went to police asking for restraining order against Remy.


April 3, 2000

Remy allegedly threatens to kill Lysa Gianacopolis

After pleading with ex-girlfriend Gianacopolis to get back together, Remy allegedly threatened to kill her if she did not.


Jan. 21, 2001

Restraining order filed by Tiffany Guyette

After Guyette refused to allow Remy to take their son on an unsupervised visit, he allegedly threatened her and her boyfriend.



Victim impact statement by Tiffany Guyette

In a statement submitted to court, Guyette said she regretted allowing previous charges against Remy to drop and for not bringing other issues up with the authorities.


April 8, 2001

Arrested on assault and battery charge against Thomas Miklicek

Jared Remy allegedly hit Miklicek in the head with a beer bottle at a tow yard where Miklicek worked in a longstanding feud over a past girlfriend.


Sept. 18, 2002

Restraining order filed by Ryan McMahon

McMahon filed the restraining order after Remy allegedly threatened to kill her and her friends.


Dec. 19, 2002

Ex-roommate Andrew Ufland filed restraining order

Jared Remy allegedly attacked Ufland and his father, saying "I'm going to kill you."


March 3, 2003

Remy arrested after allegedly assaulting McMahon's friend

Jared Remy allegedly hit Ryan McMahon's friend Melissa Gemelli in the head with a beer bottle as she emerged from the restroom at a Waltham bar.


July 4, 2003

Remy arrested on assault and battery charges on Ryan McMahon

McMahon told police that Remy called her several times a day saying "he was going to come over and kill her." He also allegedly accosted her on the job and hit her outside a tanning salon where she worked.


July 24, 2004

Charged with assault and battery against Ryan McMahon

Remy is accused of hitting McMahon repeatedly with a phone after an argument about what she can take with her from their apartment after a break-up.


Aug. 13, 2013

Remy arrested after allegedly assaulting Jennifer Martel

After an argument about Martel visiting a neighbor at their Waltham apartment complex, Remy allegedly slammed her head into a bathroom mirror. Martel filed for a restraining order. Remy was arrested for assault, released that night on personal recognizance, and released again the next morning after a court arraignment.


Aug. 15, 2013

Remy arrested in murder of Jennifer Martel

After receiving a report of a man stabbing a woman in the chest, police arrived at a Waltham apartment building to find Jared Remy covered in blood and Jennifer Martel dead. Remy was arrested and later charged with her murder.