Giving the laundry room and mudroom attention

An "underrated design opportunity," that's what Katie Rosenfeld calls a room like this. It's a combination mud room and laundry room, and in New England, she says, "these are often the two most used rooms in any house."

Rosenfeld, owner of Katie Rosenfeld Design in Wellesley, said this house in Weston had a small space typical of New England homes that she was tasked with brightening up. "People typically overlook them because they are so utilitarian," she said of these spaces. "I know I spend half my life in the laundry room or the mudroom. So I want them to be visually appealing."

Homeowners typically shove things into these spaces, close the door, and never let anyone outside of the family see them. Too embarassing. But what if the space was cheerful, colorful, and at least relatively neat? It's an inexpensive fix, Rosenfeld said, because it's a small space and the options for design elements are abundant.

- Doug Most

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Michael J. Lee for The Boston Globe