Beautiful sun porch for summer relaxing

Would you ever want to leave a room like this as the weather warms up?

As soon as the thermostat crosses 50, this looks like the sort of screened-in space that would be hard to walk away from, especially if there was a cold pitcher of lemonade on the table at lunchtime, or a hot mug of coffee there first thing in the morning (as long as there was a sweater and a blanket lying around.)

In the evening, with the feet up and a book on the lap, it's easy to imagine falling asleep to the gentle sounds of water lapping below in Manchester Harbor and the hum of the ceiling fan overhead.

"This is strictly a screen porch," explains Grace Garrison of Carpenter & MacNeille in Essex, which served as the project design firm and the builder. There are "no provisions for glass panels and no heating, so it's not used in the winter."

- Doug Most

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Michael J. Lee for The Boston Globe