A high-low ‘medieval’ kitchen

Stephanie Sabbe has no qualms admitting that designing this kitchen was a “logistical nightmare.” But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun, also.

For starters, the location, a loft in the Leather District, meant that parking was brutal for hers and for the contractors. She piled up a slew of parking tickets — just the cost of running her own business, Sabbe Interior Design.

Then there was the owner of the space, who Sabbe said was wonderful to work with, but who had what might be described as some interesting tastes. For starters, she was into medieval designs, not exactly the sort of easy-to-find, mainstream look for an interior designer. She also had a budget, which is why the space is a mix of high-end and budget items (yes, there’s Ikea here).

The owner had just relocated from Manhattan, and despite this beautiful kitchen space, she was not a huge cook. So she wanted a space that was not focused on cooking, but rather was simply a great place to gather, to sit.

Despite those quirks, the one thing the space had was great architecture, from the columns along the wall to the high tin ceiling. And that, Sabbe said, makes for a fun space to work with. “It was one of those spaces only in Boston, very unique,” she said.

- Doug Most

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Michael J. Lee for The Boston Globe