Day 2 documents

Documents: Landlords flout housing laws

The Boston Globe's Spotlight Team investigated off-campus housing in Boston, reviewing hundreds of court files and thousands of computerized records of complaints to city inspectors, and 911 calls, and examining property records and internal city emails. Here are some documents related to Part 2 of the investigation: Landlords' court complaint | Land Court decision | 15 Radnor Rd. police report


May 13, 2008

Court complaint by several landlords, including Anthony DiMeo

After the city of Boston adopted an amendment to its zoning regulation, restricting off-campus student housing to no more than four full-time undergraduates, several landlords went to court to challenge the restriction, asking a judge to void it. Here are some excerpts from that complaint.



May 25, 2010

State Land Court upholds city of Boston's zoning amendment

The amendment restricted off-campus student housing to no more than four full-time undergraduate students. State Land Court Justice Charles W. Trombly Jr. summarily ruled against the landlords on all counts. Here are some excerpts from that decision.



Nov. 8, 2013

15 Radnor Rd. police report

After police responded to a complaint about a loud party at 15 Radnor Rd. on Nov. 1, 2013, Boston police advised the landlord, Joanna London of Chicago, that they would seek to charge her criminally if she did not curb disturbances at her property. In an accompanying incident report, police listed the eight student renters in unit No. 2 at that address and noted "all persons listed above" are lessees.