Test your mettle: Take the Globe Opinion weekly news quiz

Were you paying attention this week? Test your knowledge of world events, celebrities, and North African Archeology in this week's Globe Opinion news quiz. Tweet your results to @GlobeOpinion.

  • The swans at the Public Garden, named ______ after the pair of famous lovers, returned on Wednesday amid a festive annual event called the Return of the Swans. The two birds spent their winter at ______.

    C. The two swans arrived at the pond on flower-decorated carts.
  • 2)In its announcement Tuesday that Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page would be the school’s graduation speaker this year, ______ cited his work on the 1971 hit “Stairway to Heaven,” describing it as “______.”

    B. In addition to Page, the school will also grant honorary degrees on May 10 to Geri Allen, Valerie Simpson, and Thara Memory. 
  • 3) In a recent Gallup poll, ______ percent of Massachusetts residents said they would move out of the Commonwealth if they could. But of all states, ______ fared worst of all, with 50 percent of residents saying they’d like to leave.

    C. Hawaii and Montana fared best in the poll, with only 23 percent of residents saying they’d like to leave.
  • 4) For the fourth time in recent years, star Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, who also plays for the school’s baseball team, faces off-the-field trouble. But Winston’s luck seems to have run out: After escaping punishment for previous incidents, including ______, he was suspended Wednesday from the school’s baseball team for ______.

    B. Winston was cited for ordering crab legs and crawfish from the deli, and then leaving without paying. 
  • 5) Toronto mayor Rob Ford announced late Wednesday that he would take a leave of absence after another videotape surfaced that purportedly shows Ford smoking crack cocaine. The tape, viewed by a Canadian newspaper, appears to show the embattled mayor smoking the drug in ______. “I know that I need ______,” he said.

    C. In his statement, the mayor said: “It’s not easy to be vulnerable and this is one of the most difficult times in my life... I have a problem with alcohol, and the choices I have made while under the influence.”
  • 6) In other Canadian news, the government announced plans to add ______ to some national parks and historic sites. Many visitors to the facilities, an official said, have “an expectation that ______ is available.”

    B. The hotspots will likely be clustered near campgrounds and visitors centers, and will not blanket entire parks, said Parks Canada vice-president Andrew Campbell.
  • 7) Preliminary figures released on Wednesday showed the US economy grew at only a 0.1 percent in the first quarter of 2014, a tepid rate that economists blamed on ______. But in one bright spot for the national economy, ______ rose by 3 percent.

    C. Though low growth had been widely expected after this winter’s severe weather, the figures were even worse than anticipated.
  • 8) A judge in New York City ruled on Tuesday that the famous Plaza Hotel, setting for the “Eloise” books, could not block the city from installing a ______ nearby. The historic hotel had argued that the object would be an eyesore covered with ______.

    A. The judge, Cynthia Kern, said that the city had followed proper procedures in placing the Citibike station near the landmark.
  • 9) After years of rumors that its tacos contained substandard beef, Taco Bell published a website explaining that the taco filling is actually ______ percent premium beef. Other ingredients account for the rest, including a “very small percentage of ______ . . . used to help our Seasoned Beef stay moist,” the site said. 

    B. The chain says its prices are so low because it purchases around 300 million pounds of seasoned beef every year and can drive favorable deals with sellers.
  • 10) Gillette unveiled the Fusion ProGlide with Flexball Technology on Tuesday, a new men’s razor with a swiveling ball hinge. It’s the latest effort to curb declining revenues that the company blames on increased ______ of ______.

    C. In a bid to reverse the trend, the company’s launch event featured the dramatic shaving of actor and rapper Omar Epps.
  • 11) The North African nation of Tunisia announced new plans to preserve ______, in hopes that the ruins might draw international tourists. Since its construction in ______, the site has been slowly eroded by sands from the Sahara Desert.

    B. Parts of most of the “Star Wars” movies have been filmed in Tunisia. Tatouine, Luke Skywalker’s home planet, takes its name from a Tunisian town. 
  • 12)After 32 years, a case that went to the Supreme Court, and several failed repeal efforts, the town of _________ voted 203-175 to lift its controversial ban on _________.

    D. The town instituted the ban in an effort to keep out “undesirable elements” and prevent children from wasting time and money on video games.