Take the Globe Opinion news quiz, May 30, 2014

Were you paying attention this week? Test your knowledge of world events, weather service warnings, and Mass.-based black bears. And, as always, Tweet your results to @GlobeOpinion.

  • On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration announced new restrictions on tanning beds, requiring manufacturers of the devices to add warnings that they should not be used by ____________. Every year, about _______ Americans use tanning beds.

    Answer: B. Exposure to indoor tanning raises the risk of melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer, by 59 percent.
  • In a scientific breakthrough, a team at MIT’s Lincoln Lab announced that it had developed a way to use _______ to introduce high-speed broadband service to _________. The findings will be formally presented next month.

    Answer: A. Lasers require less power and allow much faster speeds than the radio signals currently used for moon-Earth communication.
  • A report released Thursday on worldwide obesity showed that while one third of Americans are obese, several Middle Eastern countries, including Libya, Egypt, Qatar, and Kuwait, are even fatter. But none outweigh _________, which topped the list as the world's tubbiest nation, with an obesity rate of ________ percent.

    Answer: C. The nearby Pacific nations of Samoa and Kiribati came in second and third, respectively. Vietnam was the least obese nation, at only 1.6 percent of the population.
  • Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, in his commencement address at Harvard on Thursday, urged graduates to make the United States "freer forever, and ________ for everyone." But before doing that, he said, students should indulge in "one last

    Answer: B. In his address, Bloomberg said freedom and tolerance made America great, and criticized protesters at other schools who had sought to block commencement speakers they disagreed with.
  • During a 50-minute press conference at France’s Cannes Film Festival, director _________ made waves when he declared that “cinema is dead.” He said the art form’s demise was the result of the growing popularity of _______.

    Answer: B. Tarantino, who was at Cannes for a 20th anniversary screening of his classic "Pulp Fiction," urged moviemakers to return to 35mm film.
  • Many Greater Boston residents were surprised Tuesday night to receive an alert on their cell phone about potential _______. Although rarely used, the alert system can be activated by state and local safety officials, the National Weather Service, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and _______.

    Answer: B. Users can set their phones to block most alerts, though any emergency messages from the president would still come through.
  • A study in the new edition of the journal Neurology found that individuals who are ________ have a 2.54 times higher likelihood of developing dementia. "People who are more _________ have a lower risk," said Anna-Maija Tolppanen, a professor at the University of Eastern Finland who coauthored the study.

    Answer: C. Other studies have linked cynicism to cancer-related deaths and cardiovascular disease.
  • In the western Massachusetts town of Ludlow, the Memorial Day parade went on as scheduled Monday despite the unexpected appearance of a _________ in town that morning. A local police official reassured townspeople that it was an isolated incident, and that "they are not __________."

    Answer: D. The 200-pound bear, which appeared to be injured, disappeared into a wooded area shortly after the parade began.
  • In an effort to deter bike theft, ________ police have left GPS-enabled bicycles on racks to lure thieves, who are then tracked and arrested. Capitalizing on publicity around the program, the city has also distributed thousands of stickers for cyclists to put on their own bikes, bearing a message meant to make raise doubts in the mind of thieves: ___________

    Answer: C. Bike theft has gone up as the popularity of cycling has increased, and as wealthier tech workers have moved in with expensive bicycles.
  • As part of its effort to develop a fully driverless car, Google announced Tuesday that it was making a new model that has no __________. The vehicle's top speed will be ______.

    Answer: D. Google hopes that by next year, 100 prototypes of the car will be on the roads.
  • On Saturday, the Obama administration inadvertently released the name of ___________ to reporters. Notified of the error, the White House asked the media to ____________.

    Answer: C. The White House mistakenly distributed the name of the top CIA official as part of a list of officials who met Obama during his surprise visit to Kabul.