Take the Globe Opinion news quiz, July 4, 2014

Were you paying attention this week? Test your knowledge of Independence Day, birds, and fast food. Tweet your results to @GlobeOpinion.

  • In the Declaration of Independence, issued 238 years ago today, colonists listed many reasons for separating from Great Britain – "a history of repeated injuries and usurpations," as they put it. Among the many other accusations leveled against King George III, the signers said the king has "plundered our _______, ravaged our _____, burnt our ________, and destroyed the lives of our people."

    Answer: C. Continuing a tradition dating back two centuries, the entire declaration will be read aloud at Faneuil Hall this morning.
  • Joey Chestnut, the record-setting competitive eater, is scheduled to defend his crown today at Coney Island's annual hot-dog eating contest. Sponsored by ________, the record now stands at _________ hot dogs in 10 minutes.

    Answer: B. Chestnut, 28, set the record at last year's contest, and also holds records in eating chicken wings, fish tacos, hard-boiled eggs, Twinkies, and several other foods.
  • To protect rare birds, including the piping plover, the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge on Cape Cod has proposed a new rule prohibiting visitors from using ________. According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, birds may mistake the devices for _________, causing them to leave their nests.

    Answer: D. The service is accepting comments on the plan, which has provoked a backlash from kiteboarders, through the fall.
  • The fast-food chain _________ introduced a special gay pride sandwich on Wednesday, featuring a rainbow-colored wrapper. When a customer unwraps the sandwich, it says _________ on the inside of the wrapper.

    Answer: C. The "Proud Whopper" was offered at San Francisco's pride parade on June 29.
  • Texas governor and former presidential candidate Rick Perry recently said that he would no longer wear __________, a decision that drew fire from another top state official, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. In an interview Tuesday, Patterson said: "I lament the fact that our governor could now pass for a ________ and has embarrassed us all with his sartorial change of direction."

    Answer: B. According to Perry, he has stopped wearing boots because they caused back pain.
  • In the race for ________, candidate Steven W. Tompkins this week accused rival Douglas Bennett of misleading voters by putting up signs across Boston that Tompkins said implied Bennett was _________. "What bothers me is the deception," Tompkins said.

    Answer: D. The handmade green-and-white signs read “Sheriff Bennett (Democrat),” although Tompkins is the current Suffolk County sheriff.
  • On Monday a court in Belgium ordered a businessman, Dominique Alderweireld, to change the name of his newly opened brothel. The court said that because Alderweireld did not have the permission of the sex club's namesake, __________, naming the brothel “________” after him constituted an “unbearable interference with his honor and personal rights.”

    Answer: B. Alderweireld plans to fight the ruling, according to The New York Times.
  • Tuesday marked the _______ anniversary of the iconic Sony Walkman, the first portable music player that caught on with the public. After producing about 200 million of the devices, Sony retired the cassette player line in ________.

    Answer: A. The first Walkman went on sale in Japan on July 1, 1979.
  • A super PAC supporting Treasurer Steve Grossman's gubernatorial bid, called __________, reported spending $47,000 last month on polling and advertising. Although by law the group must operate independently of Grossman's campaign, its founders are very close to the treasurer: they're his __________.

    Answer: B. The group's chairman is Barry B. White, a former US ambassador to Norway and a Newton neighbor of Grossman's.
  • After responding to a noise complaint at the home of Justin Bieber on Tuesday, police in Beverly Hills, Calif., broke up a party hosted by the pop star. Guests reportedly included athlete _______ and entertainer _______.

    Answer: A. Manziel, the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in May.
  • The Fox network this week announced it had canceled plans to air the series _____, a supernatural costume drama set in ____, due to creative differences.

    Answer: A. The show, described by Entertainment Weekly as a "sexy historical-fantasy thriller" about a thief plucked from prison to serve the pharaoh, had been set to air mid-season next year.