Capital quiz: Gubernatorial primary edition

With just a few days to go until the Massachusetts primary, see how much you know about the three Democrats (Martha Coakley, Steve Grossman, and Don Berwick) and two Republicans (Charlie Baker and Mark Fisher) running for governor. Below are 10 quotes from the campaign trail. Match each quote to the candidate who said it.

  • “Nothing makes people more unhappy with the state of their government than a government that doesn’t do a good job managing its programs, whatever programs you are talking about.”

  • “Casinos are predators on the poor. And the idea that a progressive, my opponents, would stand up and allow that kind of injury to occur to the very people they claim to be defending — I just can’t go there; it’s irresponsible leadership.”

  • “I’ve been on sidewalks outside of abortion clinics. The violence done to women is on the inside.”

  • “Running for office is different from managing. My opponents . . . [are] professional politicians. In the corner office, you need someone who understands management and leadership.”

  • “I can promise you that as governor we are going to have a transparent health care system, where everybody’s going to know how much people get paid for services and how they perform because I think it’s high time for the public to know as much about their health care provider as they know about the entity they purchase their TV from.”

  • “If corporate CEOs don’t have to choose between caring for a sick child or parent and losing their job, then neither should working families.”

  • “[John Brennan] was a guy with money, with power, and he was allowed to walk. Didn’t even get a slap on the wrist. I guess on Beacon Hill, there are some people who are just too connected to fail.”

  • “Our government sees no difference between law-abiding, freedom-loving, taxpaying citizens and lawbreaking aliens.”

  • “I’m going to focus on Martha Coakley. I’ve got to catch up with her.”

  • “In the past, I have been opposed to [driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants], but it is clear to me that people who need to get to work, people who have medical emergencies, particularly because we have no national solution to pathways to immigration for people and families who have been here paying taxes, working hard — we clearly have to find a way to do that.”