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Celtics add to stockpile of future draft picks

Celtics' future draft picks
See below for conditions attached to picks.
1st round 2nd round
2015 3 (own, Clippers, Mavericks) 3 (own, 76ers, Wizards)
2016 3 (own, Nets, Cavaliers) 4 (Cavaliers, 76ers, Heat, Mavericks)
2017 1 (own) 1 (Cavaliers)
2018 2 (own, Nets) 1 (own)
Sean Smith/Globe Staff

Terms and conditions

2015: The Clippers’ pick is the return for the Doc Rivers trade in 2013. Since the 76ers won’t make the playoffs, the Celtics inherit their second-round picks in 2015 and ‘16. The Wizards’ second-round pick is protected from picks 31-49 but Washington is playing too well to finish in that range.

2016: The Nets’ first-round pick is unprotected. The Cavaliers’ top pick is protected Nos. 1-10 in 2016-18, and then becomes unprotected in 2019. But it’s near certain that their first-round selection in this draft will go to Boston. The Celtics don’t have their own second-round pick this year but they have four others.


2017: The Celtics lose their own pick in swap with Nets. Boston has the option of swapping first-round picks with Brooklyn; if Ainge chooses to swap, then a second-round stipulation kicks in: the Celtics keep that pick if it falls between Nos. 31-45 (i.e. they don’t make the playoffs), otherwise it goes to Brooklyn.

2018: For the second time in three years, the Celtics own Brooklyn’s first-round pick. By this point, the Celtics should be close to their championship goal, and it’s possible the Nets will be lottery fodder without the benefit of their prime draft picks to move on from their aging core.