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Portland Press Herald apologizes in editorial for exposing LePage to America

The Portland Press Herald published an apologetic editorial in the wake of racially charged comments from Maine Governor Paul LePage. Robert F. Bukaty/Associated Press/File

The Portland Press Herald’s editorial board is apologizing on behalf of the state of Maine for exposing America to Paul LePage.

The paper published the apologetic editorial in the wake of racially-charged comments the governor of Maine made about the flow of drugs into the state.

“Dear America: Maine here. Please forgive us – we made a terrible mistake. We managed to elect and re-elect a governor who is unfit for high office,” the board says in the post.

LePage said earlier this week that the majority of drug dealers arrested in Maine are black or Hispanic.


“I don’t ask them to come to Maine and sell their poison, but they come and I will tell you that 90-plus percent of those pictures in my book, and it’s a three-ringed binder, are black and Hispanic people from Waterbury, Conn., the Bronx and Brooklyn,” LePage saidat an event Wednesday night.

The editorial comes the same day LePage was embroiled in another controversy. He apologized to “the people of Maine” Friday for leaving a profanity-laden voicemail to a Democratic state representative.

“I am after you,” the governor said in the message to Representative Drew Gattine.

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