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How has your town voted in key presidential races?

Massachusetts always votes for Democrats in presidential elections, right?

Not so fast.

Twice since 1972, the Bay State has backed the Republican ticket, joining the rest of the country in the “Reagan Revolution” of 1980 and 1984.

In 1988, Massachusetts turned blue again and showed its loyalty to favorite son and former governor Michael Dukakis in his unsuccessful bid against George H.W. Bush.

The state then helped sweep Bill Clinton into office in 1992 and has stayed in the Democratic column ever since.

How has your community voted over the years?

These maps show how Massachusetts cities and towns voted in the watershed elections of 1980 and 1992 — as well as 2012, when former governor Mitt Romney challenged President Obama, and 1972, the earliest town-by-town election data available.


Blue represents the Democratic party, while red represents the Republican party. Gray, which appears only in the 1992 map, represents an independent ticket.

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