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MIT student wins on ‘Jeopardy’ with ‘spiciest memelord’ answer

What would your answer be for “Final Jeopardy” if you knew you had already won?

That was the context for Lilly Chin, a student at MIT who was playing on Jeopardy’s two-day college championship. Her competitors were from Stanford and the Naval Academy, and smart they were. But by the time Final Jeopardy rolled around at the end of the second episode, Chin had done the math saw she couldn’t lose.

So she bet zero dollars.

And her Final Jeopardy answer was the stuff of trends and memes.

“Who is the spiciest memelord?”

That, of course, needs explanation, which she provided.


“It was mostly a shoutout for my friends at home,” she said. “They watch meme videos all the time, and they’ll like it a lot.”

For her efforts, Chin won $100,000 and a chance to play on the Tournament of Champions. And she was a champion on Twitter.