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Megyn Kelly gave Alex Jones a chance to renege on his Newtown claims. He didn’t.

“Infowars” host Alex Jones appeared to dodge questions about conspiracy theories on the massacre in Newtown, Conn., during a controversial interview with Megyn Kelly on Sunday night.

In the interview — which was so controversial that Connecticut’s NBC affiliate refused to air it — Kelly played clips of Jones declaring that the killing of small children and faculty in Sandy Hook was “fake.”

When Kelly pressed him on his past Sandy Hook statements, Jones waffled.

“At that point — and I do think there is some cover-up and some manipulation — that is pretty much what I believed,” Jones said, at one point adding, “Listeners and other people are covering this. I didn’t create this story.”


Kelly pressed him more on the story: “The parents, one after the other. Devastated,” she said. “The dead bodies that the coroner autopsied.”

“And they blocked all that, they won’t release any of it —” Jones started.

“All of the parents decided to come out and decide to lie about their dead children?” Kelly interrupted.

“I didn’t say that,” Jones replied.

“What happened to the children?” Kelly asked.

“I will sit there on the air and look at every position and play devil’s advocate,” Jones said.

“Was that devil’s advocate? ‘The whole thing is a giant hoax.’ ‘The whole thing was fake,’” Kelly said, reading previous statements from Jones.

After a pause, Jones replied, “Yes, because I remember even that day. . . What do you do when they’ve got the kids going in circles, in and out of the building with their hands up — I’ve watched the footage. It looks like a drill.”

When Kelly pointed out that people get angry about his comments, Jones tried to deflect as Kelly told him, “That’s a dodge.”

Jones continued to duck her questions, insisting instead that the mainstream media failed to cover all the angles of the story.


As the camera showed Jones’s answer, a voiceover from Kelly noted that although she gave Jones several chances to disavow his earlier statements about the Sandy Hook shooting, he never did.

During the segment, Kelly also interviewed Neil Heslin, whose 6-year-old son, Jesse Lewis, lost his life in the shooting.

When asked what Heslin — who has been harassed by people who believe Sandy Hook was a hoax — would say to Jones this Father’s Day, he replied, “I think he’s blessed to have his children. . . to spend the day with, to speak to. I don’t have that.”

Meanwhile, Jones has taken issue with the interview, and has implored NBC to release a full, unedited version of the interview.

The radio show host also kicked off his own live stream during the NBC interview’s airing on Sunday night, calling it his coverage of the “Megyn Kelly Hit Piece.”

As of 7:25 p.m. Sunday night, “#Jonesvkelly” was trending on Twitter.