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Each of these memorials, in its own way, would significantly shift the look and feel of Boston Common and would cap the long debate over how to best honor the Kings’ legacy in the city where they met.

Read the story behind all the proposals.

Here’s how Globe readers voted in a non-scientific online poll:

Winner: “The Embrace” with 36 percent of the vote

“The Embrace”
“The Embrace” Hank Willis Thomas rendering

Second place: “Boston’s King Memorial” with 30 perecnt of the vote

“Boston’s King Memorial”
“Boston’s King Memorial” Adjaye Pendelton

Third place: “The Ripple Effects” with 14.8 percent of the vote

“The Ripple Effects”
“The Ripple Effects”Wodiczko rendering

Fourth place: “Avenue of Peace” with 14.5 percent of the vote

“Avenue of Peace”
“Avenue of Peace” Yinka Shonibare rendering

Fifth place: “Empty Pulpit” with 4 percent of the vote


“Empty Pulpit”
“Empty Pulpit” Barbara Chase-Riboud rendering