Quincy-based Yasso, known for turning out tasty frozen Greek yogurt products, recently released a line of new kid-size frozen snack bars, Yasso Snack Buddies. The 45- to 50-calorie bars ($5.49 for a box of eight) offer Yasso’s trademark quality in four appealing flavors, and, according to company materials, each has 25 percent less sugar and 10 percent more protein than the leading novelty bars, plus live and active cultures. Though the chocolate may seem a little bland for adult tastes, the “Mint Cookie Chums” are creamy and satisfying, and the “Strawbuddy Lemonade” flavor satisfies a fruit-bar yen. A personal favorite is “Party Animal,” which tastes like vanilla cake and is topped with sprinkles. Marketed for kids, but a sweet little indulgence for the whole family. And just in time for fall, the company has released 3.5-ounce bars in two new seasonal flavors for more sophisticated palates — a rich, subtly spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake and an indulgent Pecan Pie, with a brown butter creaminess spiked with graham swirls and glazed pecans ($4.99 for box of 4). Local outlets include Star Market, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Shaw’s, Target, and Wegmans stores.