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Kelly Wannier, a working mom with a 2.5-year-old and 8-month-old, knows firsthand how trying it is to cook nourishing foods for young children every day. When she had her first child, she joined a moms’ group and met Jenn Bingham, a physician’s assistant and natural food chef, who she leaned on for advice. Now the two intend to help others and cofounded Little Pickins, a delivery service that brings healthy toddler finger foods to your doorstep in and around the Boston area, to about 50 ZIP codes. “We wanted to take the burden off parents’ shoulders when there’s no time to cook and offer a nutritious option,” says Wannier. Pre-cooked and frozen, ready to pop in the oven or microwave, the adorable, heart-shaped Pickins are dense and easy to hold. Prepared with vegetables, grains, and proteins some have seasonings seldom found in store-bought baby foods. The six choices with silly names, include Spring Chicken, organic chicken paired with goat cheese and veggies; Lucky Thai is made with organic ground turkey and Thai seasonings; Broc n’ Roll combines broccoli, cheddar cheese, and organic veggies; Veggie Karma has red lentils and veggies and is mildly flavored with Indian spices. They’re a good way to expose a little one to a range of flavors and broaden a palate at an early age. The moms tested flavors at farmers’ markets and parent events. “When we had an immediate ‘wow,’ we knew we had something that most toddlers would like and parents would want, too,” she says. Little Pickins come in packages of three ($9), which can make a meal. Monthly subscriptions are also offered. To order, go to www.littlepickins.com.


Ann Trieger Kurland can be reached at anntrieger@gmail.com.