As an Afro-Latino graduate of the Boston Public Schools, and a parent of a son at Boston Collegiate Charter School, I felt compelled to respond to the article covering the student protest at the charter school (“Charter students stage walkout,” Metro, Nov. 2). I’m proud to see students of color lifting up their voices. I hope my son will become an agent of change, and I think the education he is getting at Boston Collegiate is preparing him for that.

The article misses all that the school does to be college preparatory and focused on core issues of race and inequality. My son has had a whole English unit on busing and desegregation in Boston. He learned about civil discourse from his civics teacher, a man of color. He can take an entire course on race and identity.


Boston Collegiate is also a school that is honest about its challenges, and welcomes families into the dialogue. I am not just a parent — I am also a member of the school’s board. The Monday before the walkout, our board approved significant resources to implement an action plan, including hiring an expert on race and equity to consult with the school and supporting the design of student experiences to go deep on race and belonging.

Boston Collegiate is not perfect. Some of the division at play in our nation and city can be seen in this diverse public school. Yet I send my child there because I know that it provides a quality education and embraces change with courage and humility. I have the utmost confidence that the school will continue to build and lead a culture focused on proactively counteracting any race inequities within and outside of our school.

José Brandao

Hyde Park