A long wait for a vital resolution

As a child of survivors of the Armenian Genocide, I commend the Globe for its Nov. 1 editorial "Belated recognition of the Armenian Genocide.” I am grateful that the Globe has always been on the right side of history and has always supported the crusade to brand the 1915 premeditated attempt by the Turks to eliminate Turkey’s minority Christian populations. It was the first genocide of the 20th century.

Our lawmakers in the House finally thwarted the all-powerful Turkish lobby and finally called the crime a genocide.

Sadly, the decades to follow 1915 would be filled with one horror after the other, with lessons not learned, and history would keep repeating itself, with the Holocaust, Cambodia, Darfur, Bosnia, etc.


Today, Turkey keeps denying the genocide for fear of staining its history. As has been said, denial is the last phase of genocide, and so the wounds still fester.

So, will the Senate follow suit, and will the president sign a resolution making our recognition official, or will history be allowed to repeat itself and give license for other human tragedies?

Armand Kazarian


Doomed, it seems, to repeat history

History always comes back to the warning that those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. Yes, remember the Armenian Genocide (“Resolving to honor victims of Armenian Genocide,” Opinion, Oct. 29), and remember the Greek Genocide, too, which followed after the world remained silent about the Armenians. And then let us look at the Kurds, our allies, who stood with us.

Allies? We have abandoned them — all of them, men, women, and children — so who will stand with us when we need another ally?

Sofia Rasher


Another genocide upon which to reflect

I have been reflecting on the welcome and overdue resolution of the US House of Representatives recognizing and condemning the Turkish genocide of the Armenians. When will the Congress pass a similar resolution recognizing and condemning the American genocide of the indigenous peoples and nations of North America? When will Congress pass appropriate legislation for restitution and reparations?


Adam Parker