Self-interest should not be in our elected officials’ skill set

I read with dismay John R. Kasich’s Nov. 7 op-ed “We can’t wait for politicians to heal our fractured nation.” It showed some muddled thinking. Helping at a local food pantry and even, may I add, random acts of kindness do not diminish the political divisions in our country. They are not mutually exclusive.

The most disturbing line in Kasich’s piece is “We cannot expect our elected officials to place our shared interests above their self-interests.” What? Why not? They take an oath of office to serve their country, not their self-interests.

Alice Lindberg


Which gun-rights vigils is Kasich attending?

Although John R. Kasich’s encouragement to take positive action reinforces my own efforts, he is overly optimistic when he claims that no one will call you a traitor or an enemy of the Second Amendment if you show up to support sensible gun legislation. During our monthly vigils in South Acton against gun violence, we are accused routinely of opposing the Second Amendment by one or two drivers passing by, or given the finger, or called Communists. This, even though many more drivers honk, smile, or give a thumbs up as we stand in support of common-sense gun legislation.

Judy Hodge



Never missing an opportunity to rip Trump

John R. Kasich’s opinion piece was wonderful. It rightly got to the core of what really makes America great — the ability of Americans to fix things rather than sit and wait for politicians (referring to elected officials) to heal our fractured nation.

Kasich’s words were excellent, but the graphics chosen to accompany this piece were exactly what divides our country. Shame on whoever chose the doctored photo of Donald Trump swinging on a wrecking ball above crumbling infrastructure. Trump’s name isn’t mentioned once in the op-ed, but true to form for the Globe, you will take any chance to use anything negative toward the president. The Fourth Estate has the power to heal, not further divide, our “fractured nation,” if you care.


Barbara Merriman