Alex Mansfield handcrafts doughnut holes to be what they are, and not just the center punched out of a circle of dough. The little treats are either yeast-risen or cakey and prepared with high-quality ingredients, such as Cabot butter and Valrhona chocolate. Some ooze with fillings, sprinkles adorn others. Everything is made from scratch. Mansfield has been selling the pastry at pop-ups, but now he’s found a permanent home and recently opened Mass Hole Donuts in Arlington, a tiny storefront with newly painted orange walls and the delicious aroma in the air of frying dough. The little orbs, more than bite-size, have won over neighbors, and a line often stretches out the door and down the street. You need to show up early. Mansfield, who grew up Littleton, offers selections with names that riff on Boston landmarks. There’s the Pecan Hill, a vanilla cake doughnut hole with caramel, candied pecans and a white chocolate drizzle; New-berry Street has chocolate with Nutella and fresh blueberries. The Revere Peach is covered with chocolate icing and toasted coconut and filled with peach mango jam, and Drunken Masshole is an old-fashioned with a boozy glaze ($5 for three, $9 for six, $16 for a dozen and $15 a dozen for two dozen or more). Expect savory choices down the road, like the Lobster Hole to mimic a lobster roll. Mansfield learned to bake at the now-closed Ames Street Deli in Cambridge and later helped start home.stead bakery & cafe in Dorchester. He picked the tongue-in-cheek name for his place as a play-on-words to recognize “Massachusetts’s natives who tell it like it is,” he says. “Some think it’s negative, but it’s meant to be funny.” Opening the store is a dream come true for Mansfield. “To see the smile on everyone’s face is the best part of the day,” he says. Mass Hole Donuts is open Thursday and Friday, 7 a.m. to noon, and Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to noon, or until the doughnut holes run out. 2 Lake St., Arlington.


The Pecan Hill features caramel, candied pecans and a white chocolate drizzle.
The Pecan Hill features caramel, candied pecans and a white chocolate drizzle.Dan Parcell