The danger of car ‘safety’ systems

Beth Teitell’s article was interesting but failed to warn that some of these “safety” systems can cause accidents (“Auto pilot: Bossy cars are a turnoff,” Page A1, Nov. 10). Toyota has over two pages of warnings about using the lane departure alert with steering control. The most important warning for drivers in areas where snow or ice may exist is that use in snow or icy conditions may cause the driver to lose control. The other main problem is that this safety system is meant to be used only on highways and freeways, not winding narrow local roads that may also have cars parked partially in your lane and people walking, running, and on bicycles who you are avoiding, etc. Are there any drivers who will switch the system on and off in the appropriate conditions? I believe that the potential for accidents using this particular “safety” system is far greater than the accidents avoided by using it.

Bob Walsh