Mayor Mike won’t rescue us

My thought process regarding candidates: Nix Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. We need a moderate. Nix Joe Biden. He’s past his time after serving four decades of terrific public service. Nix Mayor Pete. He’s got good ideas. But a mayor of a city, population roughly 100,000? That leaves Amy Klobuchar. She ranks number one of all senators with bills passed into law. From Minnesota, she understands Midwest farmers, and they relate to her. She’s the only candidate able to deliver the Midwest swing state electoral votes. Electoral votes. That’s that only thing that counts. Charisma is not her thing. But, is charisma a requirement to be president? Do charismatic candidates automatically mean that they’ll be successful in office? In my opinion, no. Now comes former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Do you really think he’ll be successful in reaching out to Midwest farmers and the Midwest in general? Will he go from diner to diner and town hall to town hall, talking with and listening to them? It’s not Mayor Bloomberg of New York City who will rescue us. It’s the sleeper candidate we should be looking at.

Aimee Pollack-Baker