Republicans’ shabbiness is on full display

It seems to me that the facts are the facts, and it is almost impossible to believe that the stories told Wednesday by George Kent, deputy assistant secretary of state, and William Taylor, the top US diplomat in Ukraine, are not the truth, and nothing but the truth (“A day of repetition and revelation,” Page A1, Nov. 14). I was struck not only by the resumes of these two witnesses but also by how their seriousness, composure, competence, and patriotism shone through their testimony.

By contrast, the shabbiness of the Republican interrogation, especially that of Representatives Devin Nunes of California and Jim Jordan of Ohio, was magnified to the level of embarrassment for the GOP.


The entire Trump presidency has been one sordid event after another since its inception. While there was no Democratic effort to impeach from day one, as some in the GOP have suggested, there certainly was an accumulation of wrongdoing from that first day.

And while the Republicans are so intent on smearing President Obama in their efforts to defend themselves, there was no closed-door meeting by the Democrats, vowing to obstruct the new president. Such a private meeting did occur on President Obama’s first Inauguration Day, by invitation to key members of the Republican Party, wherein it was disclosed that under no circumstances would the GOP work with the new president.

No Trump tears here.

Betty Whitney

Chestnut Hill

It’s partisan, through and through

Oh please! If the tables were turned, the Republicans would be all over this impeachment.

Frances Fleming


Waiting for Bolton

America needs a true patriot to come forward. This in no way diminishes Wednesday’s testimony by George Kent and William Taylor.

John Bolton has indicated that he has information on Donald Trump. What this means is unclear; but it suggests something negative at best. Yet Bolton has refused to testify at impeachment hearings without a subpoena, and has taken the low road to engage in paid speaking events in the meantime. John Dean he is not. Shameful!


Paul Mendelson