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Blind date: ‘We weren’t huge fans of dog owners who don’t adopt’

Is one of these canine-lovers barking up the wrong tree?

Dan Alexander (left) and Christian Tooley.
Dan Alexander (left) and Christian Tooley.

DAN ALEXANDER: 25 / account manager

On a desert island, he’s bring: An AC unit, podcasts, martinis with good olives

Who’d play him in the movie: His identical twin brother

CHRISTIAN TOOLEY: 29 / research scientist

What makes him a catch: Training two dogs helped him become a patient person

On a desert island, he’d bring: A guitar, Alexa for advice, and a kayak



Dan The blind date has been killed by social media so it was cool to have a chance at it.

Christian I figured this would be a fun, low-risk way to go on a date.


Dan I listened to Fleetwood Mac with a glass of wine while getting ready.

Christian I was less concerned what Dan would think of me and more interested in how I would feel around Dan.

Dan We were both on time, a nice plus. Christian was well dressed and had a Barnes & Noble bag. Going to get a good book seems like a nice pre-date errand.

Christian Dan is tall, handsome, and well dressed. He had a very warm smile. We hugged when he arrived and immediately started in conversation.


Dan We both are transplants to Boston so we talked about how we ended up here. Christian has a background in STEM and had some interesting stories about working in different labs. We both come from multicultural backgrounds, so we related on that.

Christian We both work in biotech but in different capacities. Dan used to work abroad and also studied abroad in Italy. He likes to read books with his favorite being The Catcher in the Rye, which I have yet to read. We both love dogs; I own two and his roommate has a dog.

Dan I was immediately jealous when he told me that he had two very cute dogs back home. We both agreed that we weren’t huge fans of dog owners who don’t adopt (that would’ve been a deal breaker).


Christian None of the conversation seemed forced and we were genuinely interested in learning about each other.

Dan I’ve always loved escargots and being in a French restaurant I had to order them. Christian said he’s not picky and will eat anything. For the main course, I got gnocchi and he got steak frites.

Christian I had beignets for dessert and he had creme brulee. The beignets were delicious. They weren’t too sweet and had a chocolate filling.

Dan Chatting with Christian was comfortable. The conversation somehow got into politics and luckily we seemed to be aligned politically and came out of it unscathed.

Christian I felt more comfortable as the date went on since we had a lot of overlapping interests.


Dan The conversation was nice but nothing really sparked throughout the night.

Christian We both had work the next morning so we didn’t do anything after the meal. We had a goodbye hug and exchanged phone numbers.


Dan There wasn’t any chemistry that would warrant a second date. Sorry to say I won’t meet his cute dogs.

Christian I’m open to it, but I could see Dan being a good friend.


Dan / A

Christian / A

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