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Party time?

Renée Graham is a brilliant spokeswoman for the progressive, minority-focused agenda, but her tone on her “impeachment playlist” is a little bit too flippant (“Soundtrack for an impeachment,” Opinion, Nov. 27). It may make her and others feel good by listening to great protest songs, but it’s not grounds for a party. Whatever your views, current events in Washington are hardly a cause for celebration. Some very serious and sensitive issues are being discussed, and polarized debate is not healthy for anyone who still believes that dissent and civility can go together.

I believe that the true patriots in America are those of us who dare to question parts of the progressive agenda and can learn a lot from the conservative side. I think that most of us, even in the deep-blue area we live in, are capable of forming our own arguments and making our own choices about who gets to hold office and how our country can move toward true healing. Whatever happened to respect and real tolerance? Voices in today’s media, from progressive persuaders such as Graham to civil conservatives such as the late Charles Krauthammer, only encourage deep partisan divisions and tribal loyalty rather than authentic debate and openness to all views.


It is not a sin or a “dereliction” to be an independent moderate. I’m proud to be one of them. Consider these thoughts before you plan your “impeachment party.”

Jonathan Cohen