Back Bay Roasters

Cold brew coffee fans don’t care what the outside temperature is. They will reach for caffeine-on-ice winter and summer. And that’s just the way Back Bay Roasters likes it. The company, launched this year by Doug Caplan, Kyle Roy, and Shea Coakley, intended to brew a smoother, better version of what was commercially available. With financing from private investors, they built a state-of-the-art production facility in Wilmington. Here, the company roasts and brews coffee beans, purchased direct from farms in Central and South America and Africa, into a rich, clean-tasting beverage. Cofounder Caplan says, “It’s incredibly smooth, with less acidity than hot-brewed coffee.” The ground beans cold-steep in filtered water in large steel tanks for 20 hours; the company brews 10,000 gallons a day. In addition to its Beacon Black (unsweetened) cold brew bottles (12 ounces for about $3) and 101-ounce Tap Boxes (about $12), the trio makes a lightly sweetened Commonwealth Cold Brew Vanilla Latte and Harborside Cold Brew Tea & Lemonade. Available at some Stop & Shop and Market Basket locations and online at www.backbayroasters.com.


Lisa Zwirn can be reached at lisa@lisazwirn.com