Another forogotten actor in Boston’s fight against slavery

In “Boston’s forgotten fight against slavery” (Ideas, Nov. 24), Holly Jackson details the fascinating and often overlooked events of the trial of Anthony Burns. The fate of the probate judge referred to in the article, Judge Edward G. Loring, is also of interest, since his story offers another parallel with contemporary events. Like President Trump, his behavior was both roundly vilified and staunchly defended. Ultimately, the Massachusetts state Legislature, with the governor’s support, removed Loring from office. For those interested in further investigation of this remarkable piece of history, consider visiting the Edward W. Brooke Courthouse in Boston. The Brooke has an exhibition about Anthony Burns and also hosts Boston Public School students for an interactive dramatization of the trial of Anthony Burns by Theater Espresso.

Shelley Bolman Woodberry


Artistic Director of Theater Espresso