Re “Protestors disrupt Harvard-Yale game” (Metro, Nov. 24): I applaud the Harvard and Yale students for using a very public event to protest their institutions’ and the nation’s lack of climate action. Disruptive protest is a proven way of getting heard.

The Harvard-Yale protest reminded me of another one with a different tone: collaboration. We New Englanders may not hear about these Western happenings, but for the past two years, in “Holy War” football games — Brigham Young University (blue) vs. University of Utah (red) — students from both campuses lit up huge purple letters on the nearby hillside, sending out a call to bring rivals together to fix this one issue: our deteriorating climate. Youth in Utah have collaborated on climate and reversed their state legislature. In 2010, conservative Utah passed HJR 12, declaring climate change the result of “a well organized and ongoing effort to manipulate global temperature data.” In 2018, after two years of lobbying by students, that same body unanimously passed HCR 007, declaring the validity of climate science and the need to reduce emissions through innovative solutions. Democrats and Republicans in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C., would do well to listen to the youth protests and follow the Utah example: Reach out and bridge the gap just on this one issue. Climate change could be our divided nation’s political salvation if we could all just see the purple.


Tamara Kellogg