Having experienced tragedy, they welcome distracted-driving bill

In response to “New law changes rules for drivers” (Metro, Nov. 26), we would like to extend our appreciation to the Legislature and the governor for finally passing a long-overdue distracted-driving bill. We have been actively supporting this bill for 14 years, following the death of our 30-year-old son and the serious injuries incurred by his wife of just three years.

That tragedy was the result of an 18-year-old driver whose passenger was watching a DVD in the front seat on a portable device. Our son’s death was completely avoidable and should never have happened. It’s unfortunate that the young man who is responsible for this death and serious injuries has to live with this guilt for the rest of his life.


We sincerely hope that other families will not have to endure the pain and loss we’ve had to live with and that this legislation and its enforcement will prevent future tragedies.

Barbara and Howard Goldsmith